Test Scenarios

Test Scenarios

Jun 1, 2004

Test environments as of 1.1

SSL Servers

  • PeerSec httpsReflector (All platforms)
  • Mbedthis AppWeb (Linux, Windows)
  • OpenSSL s_server

SSL Clients

  • PeerSec httpsClient (All platforms)
  • Microsoft IE 6 (Windows 2K, XP)
  • Mozilla/Firefox 1.6 (Linux, Windows, MacOS X)
  • Opera 7 (Windows)
  • MacOS Safari (MacOS X)
  • Camino (MacOS X)
  • OpenSSL s_client 0.9.7c (Linux, Windows)
  • OpenSSL s_time 0.9.7c (Linux, Windows)
  • GnuTLS gnutls-cli-debug (Linux)

Build Environment

  • Linux (RedHat 9, All Debian platforms, gcc 3.2.2)
  • uClinux (gcc MIPS cross compiler)
  • VxWorks (Tornado 5.4, i386 BSP)
  • Windows CE (Embedded Visual C 3.0, PocketPC environment)
  • Microsoft Windows (2K & XP, Visual Studio .NET)
  • MacOS X (10.1.5, gcc 2.95.2)
  • Debug and Release builds
  • Enabled various optional feature combinations in matrixConfig.h


  • OpenSSL generated certificates and private keys.
  • 3DES encrypted private keys.
  • 1024 and 2048 bit RSA keys.
  • Multiple certificates in a single file are not supported
  • Various X.509 certificate format and contents validation checks

Cipher Suites and Protocol Levels

  • All combinations of cipher suites: RC4-MD5, RC4-SHA and DES-CBC3-SHA
  • 1024 and 2048 bit RSA keys
  • Tested negotiation to best cipher suite with multiple clients
  • Verified correct error sent if negotiating to SSLv2 and TLS-only
  • Successful parsing of SSLv2 ClientHello and negotiating down to SSLv3 from TLS

Longevity Testing

  • Overnight testing using OpenSSL s_time SSL tests on Linux and Windows.
  • All tests run under Valgrind to detect memory leaks and overruns
  • Verification of zero memory growth during longevity testing
  • Used the following for longevity testing:
    openssl s_time -connect 'ip':4433 -www / -time 'seconds' -cipher 'cipher' -ssl3

Architecture Testing

  • IA32
  • PowerPC
  • Mips32


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