MatrixSSL 1.2

MatrixSSL 1.2

Jul 29, 2004

Functional changes

  • Added re-handshake support

  • - A connected server may issue a HelloRequest message to the client
    - A connected client may issue a new ClientHello message to the server
  • Added support for certificate chaining
  • Added RSA_WITH_NULL_SHA1 and RSA_WITH_NULL_MD5 ciphers to provide authentication and tamper detection without encryption overhead. (Because these are less secure ciphers, they must be explicitly enabled in cipherSuite.c). </ul>
    Bug fixes and optimizations
    • Cleaned up several mismatched types (mostly unsigned char to char compiler warnings)
    • Rework of the cipher suite logic to support re-handshaking
    • Rename internal APIs to avoid namespace issues with other packages

    API changes from 1.1 release
    • Added matrixSslSetSessionOption()
    • Added matrixSslEncodeHelloRequest()
    • Added 'next' member to the sslCertInfo_t structure. This member creates a linked list to expose certificate chains to the user.


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