MatrixSSL 1.2.4

MatrixSSL 1.2.4

Feb 24, 2005

Overall changes

  • No API changes from 1.2.2 release
  • There was no public 1.2.3 release

Functional changes

  • Client will reply with NULL cert message if client authentication is requested.

Bug fixes and optimizations

  • Generate static libraries in addition to shared objects on Linux
  • AMD64/Nacona x64 compile support on Linux
  • Changed all instances of int types to int32 to be more explicit and to allow easy global redefinitions for porting
  • Corrected the maximum message size limit to match the SSL specification
  • Cert parse can handle duplicate distinguished name entries.
  • ASN.1 parse fix for AlgorithmIdentifier missing the trailing NULL
  • Checking certificate version before doing checking the 'ca' member of the basic constraint entry during certificate validation.
  • Developers may notice some internal routines using a psPool_t parameter. These parameters allow deterministic memory support in the commercial version of MatrixSSL. They are unused in the GNU version of MatrixSSL.


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