MatrixSSL 1.8

MatrixSSL 1.8

Apr 6, 2006

API additions

  • Addition of two new server APIs that allow the user to add a custom flag value to client sessions. Servers may now assign persistant custom data to connected sessions that can be later retrieved from a session that was established with a session resumption handshake. See the API documentation for matrixSslSetResumptionFlag and matrixSslGetResumptionFlag for more details.

Functional changes

  • Ability to put multiple certificates in a single PEM file.
  • The handshake will now fail on an un-authenticated cert if no user validation callback has been defined with matrixSslSetCertValidator. It is still encouraged that a callback be registered.
  • Users can now reply to a closure alert with a closure alert of their own using matrixSslEncodeClosureAlert. Previously, the SSL_CLOSED flag prevented this. Now only error cases will prevent the closure alert from being created.

Bug fixes and optimizations

  • Numerous compile warnings fixed. Especially in the area of unsigned char / char type mismatches.
  • Added explicit void types to empty parameter functions.
  • Fixed a bad shift operation in cipherSuite.c (no functional change).
  • Fixed possible memory leak of pre-master secret if deleteSession called on some corner failure cases.
  • Fixed compile and link issues when USE_FILE_SYSTEM was turned off in matrixConfig.h.
  • Fix for unknown X.509 certificate extension parsing in which the extensions did not provide explicit data lengths in the encoding.
  • Fixed parse issue with an empty AuthorityKeyIdentifier certificate extension.
  • Created new sample certificates with updated dates.


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