MatrixSSL 1.8.7

MatrixSSL 1.8.7

Jun 24, 2009

New Features

  • Windows project files for library and example application builds are now based on the freely available Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2008 Express Edition

Functional Changes

  • The USE_MULTITHREADING define in matrixConfig.h is now off by default so that POSIX platforms will not require pthreads by default.


  • Fixed the size calculations for SSL_FULL conditions when encoding the FINISHED flight of handshake messages
  • Additional checks and proper error handling for the following types of malformed X.509 certificates as tested by Orange Labs. These do not constitute a remote attack vector for the Open Source release.
    • Testing for Serial Number encodings that use bad length specifications
    • Testing for Distinguished Name extension encodings that use bad length specifications
    • Error handling for Subject Alternate Name extensions that use bad length specifications


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