MatrixSSL 3.1.2

MatrixSSL 3.1.2

May 28, 2010

Feature Updates

  • Explicit API support for processing multi-record data buffers - The 3.1.1 API set did not include a documented mechanism for processing buffers in which multiple application data records are concatenated in a single recv buffer. This is not an uncommon scenario and users are strongly encouraged to update to this latest MatrixSSL version and implement the new matrixSslProcessedData function in their applications. Details can be found in the updated API documentation included in this package.
  • MatrixSSL version defines added - A version.h file has been added that includes defines for the MatrixSSL major, minor, and patch build version. The new header is included by matrixsslApi.h and defines the full version and the individual components. For example:
    #define MATRIXSSL_VERSION       3.1.2-OPEN
  • The sslTest application includes a timing mode - The sslTest application can now be built to measure the connection speeds for clients and servers for the various cipher suites.
  • Improvements to HTTP parsing in example application code - The server and client example applications now identify partial and multi-record HTTP records.

Public API Changes

  • New matrixSslProcessedData prototype and return codes - To support the processing of multi-record data buffers, the matrixSslProcessedData function prototype and return codes have changed. The new function has two additional parameters that are used to return the next decoded record in the buffer. The return codes for this function have been expanded to inform the user how that second record should be handled.

    Please see the API documentation and code examples for detailed information.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed return codes where unsigned data types were assigned negative values - The functions psRsaDecryptPriv, psRsaDecryptPub, and matrixSslDecode are now consistent in their use of unsigned vs. signed data types.


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