MatrixSSL 3.1.3

MatrixSSL 3.1.3

Sep 2, 2010

Feature Updates

  • New server-side configuration option to decrease binary executable size - Servers may now disable a new USE_CERT_PARSE define in crytpoConfig.h to exclude a relatively large portion of the x509.c source code.

    Previous versions of MatrixSSL would always pass the server certificate through an X.509 parse phase during initialization. This allowed the library to confirm the format of the certificate and perform algorithm tests based on the chosen cipher suite. However, these tests were in place primarily to prevent user error so if USE_CERT_PARSE is disabled, the user must be confident the certificate material is valid for the cipher suites that have been enabled in matrixsslConfig.h.

  • New Pseudo-Random Number Generation algorithms -An implementation of Yarrow is now included in the MatrixSSL source code package. Random numbers are now retrieved through Yarrow by default. An entropy source and implementation of psGetEntropy is still required for each platform.
  • Windows project files updated to Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express - Previous versions used the 2008 Express Edition of Visual C++.

Public API Changes

  • New members in x509DNattributes_t structure - The Distinguished Name attributes in X.509 certificates such as Common Name, Organization, and Country are now accompanied by the explicit ASN.1 data type and length. Previous versions of MatrixSSL attempted to treat these fields as NULL terminated strings using single byte characters. In order to support a larger variety of certificate formats the Type and Len fields have been added so the user will have all the needed information to interpret certificate information that is passed into the certificate callback routine.

    New x509DNattributes_t members:

    short countryType;
    short countryLen;
    short stateType;
    short stateLen;
    short localityType;
    short localityLen;
    short organizationType;
    short organizationLen;
    short orgUnitType;
    short orgUnitLen;
    short commonNameType;
    short commonNameLen;
    Type members will be one of the following:

Bug Fixes

  • Error return code fixed for matrixSslReceivedData - One code path through matrixSslReceivedData was performing an unsigned char typecast on a potentially negative return code which converted it to a positive value. This resulted in an undocumented and ambiguous return code. The typecast has been removed and all error cases now return negative values as documented.


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