MatrixSSL 3.2

MatrixSSL 3.2

Jun 7, 2011

Feature Updates

  • Added TLS 1.1 protocol support - TLS 1.1 protocol support is now available in the open source version of MatrixSSL. The protocol is enabled/disabled through the compile time define USE_TLS_1_1 in matrixsslConfig.h. If enabled, the protocol negotiation will default to TLS 1.1 for any communicating SSL peer that also supports it. It is also now possible to disable SSL 3.0 using the DISABLE_SSLV3 define if only TLS version protocols are desired.
  • Added PKCS#8 private key parsing - The PKCS#8 standard is becoming more widespread for newly issued private keys. PKCS#8 parsing is now included by default in the open source version of MatrixSSL. This support is built into the existing matrixSslLoadRsaKeys API.
  • IN and OUT default buffer sizes - Previous versions of MatrixSSL used a single compile time setting for the default internal input and output buffers. This define has now been split into SSL_DEFAULT_OUT_BUF_SIZE and SSL_DEFAULT_IN_BUF_SIZE defines to give the user more memory control for the specific use case. For example, if the integrator knows that incoming data will be short requests and the outgoing reply data will be large files, the SSL_DEFAULT_IN_BUF_SIZE may be set smaller that SSL_DEFAULT_OUT_BUF_SIZE to help streamline this implementation.
  • Zero length SSL records now returned to user - Callers of matrixSslReceivedData will now be informed of zero length SSL records with the standard return code of MATRIXSSL_APP_DATA and length values of 0. Previous versions of MatrixSSL would silently discard empty records.

Public API Changes

  • Added matrixSslEncodeToOutdata - An SSL record encoding alternative to the existing matrixSslGetWritebuf/ matrixSslEncodeWritebuf combination has been introduced. The new matrixSslEncodeToOutdata enables integrators to encode plaintext from where it exists in an external memory location. This differs from the matrixSslEncodeWritebuf API that requires the plaintext has been written or copied into the internal library buffer. The new matrixSslEncodeToOutdata function will leave the plaintext buffer untouched while encoding to the internal library buffer. The encoded data is still retrieved for sending using matrixSslGetOutdata. Please see the API documentation for more information on this new function.

Bug Fixes
None reported.


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