MatrixSSL 3.3.1

MatrixSSL 3.3.1

Jul 16, 2012

Security Features

  • Fine Grained TLS Version Support - USE_TLS_* configuration options now allow for specifying only TLS 1.1, or only TLS 1.2 support for users with very strict security policies. TLS 1.1 and above support explicit-IV and so it may be desirable to limit negotiation to only this version and above. SSL 3.0 is now disabled by default in compile time, and if required must be manually be enabled by commenting out the define for DISABLE_SSLV3 in matrixsslConfig.h

New Features

  • RFC 4366 - Maximum Fragment Length Extension The max_fragment_length extension defined in RFC 4366 has been added to MatrixSSL. This extension allows TLS clients to suggest the maximum record size that can be used in communications with a server. Support for this extension has been added to both MatrixSSL clients and servers. The new define REQUESTED_MAX_PLAINTEXT_RECORD_LEN in matrixsslConfig.h has been added to control this feature. Small footprint clients can see significant socket buffer memory reduction when negotiating this option.

Public API Changes

  • The API for raw RSA encryption now has an additional parameter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with ARC4 ciphers related to multiple records in a single network buffer. Previously, the connection could be incorrectly closed prematurely in some cases.
  • Fixed a compile issue with MATRIX_USE_FILE_SYSTEM on Windows platforms.
  • Fixed an initialization issue with a potential double free in an error path loading an RSA key from disk. Affected users would have seen this error immediately upon initialization.


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