MatrixSSL 3.6.1

MatrixSSL 3.6.1

Apr 11, 2014

Note: - All versions of MatrixSSL are unaffected by the recent OpenSSL “Heartbleed” bug. That bug is due to an OpenSSL implementation error, not an attack against the SSL/TLS protocol.

  • Explicit Length Testing in Parsing Code - A security researcher reported a 'length underflow' vulnerability, which led to an internal audit of message parsing in MatrixSSL. This identified a handful of places in which explicit tests were needed in areas that read 'length' bytes from message streams. The primary areas of change were the TLS extension parsing for ECC cipher suite parameters and Secure Renegotiation. The code now confirms values are within valid ranges to prevent underflow decrements of unsigned integer counters that would result in bad loop logic and could potentially cause a memory access violation.


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