MatrixSSL 3.7.2a

MatrixSSL 3.7.2a

Jul 6, 2015

OpenSSL 1.0.2 and later accepts only strict encoding of ECDSA signatures as
signed integers, requiring a leading 0x0 byte in front of signatures which have
the high bit set in either the R or S parameters (statistically a 75% chance).
In the past OpenSSL (and MatrixSSL) treated the value as a “cast to unsigned”,
which did not require a leading zero.
This release encodes with a leading zero when necessary,
which conforms to strict ASN.1 encoding. MatrixSSL still can receive signatures
encoded in either method. The encoding method does not affect the security of
the protocol.

This update is only required for users of ECDH_ECDSA or ECDHE_ECDSA cipher suites that interoperate with the latest version of OpenSSL.


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