MatrixSSL, a product of INSIDE Secure.

First developed by by PeerSec Networks in 2003, MatrixSSL is now a product of INSIDE secure.

MatrixSSL provides secure connectivity to devices with a small memory footprint. It has evolved to also serve networking devices requiring top performance. MatrixSSL is a lean and efficient C source code SDK that is easy to integrate, and where bugs have few places to hide. With no known security issue, an extensive implementation of TLS and DTLS protocol, MatrixSSL is the SDK to look at to replace RSA/BSAFE or OpenSSL.

INSIDE Secure's mission is to drive security innovation to meet demands of new Mobile and “Internet of Everything” age by designing, developing and selling embedded security systems in order to protect transactions, content, and communication.

PGP Key, Key fingerprint = D6AD F1C5 E34E 696B 0953 556C 8BB2 B39A 2795 C6B3.


MatrixSSL™ is an embedded SSL and TLS implementation designed for small footprint applications and devices.



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